The Match - Harlan Coben

The Match

Издатель Harlan Coben

  • Дата выхода: 2022-03-15
  • Жанр: Mysteries & Thrillers
Рейтинг: 4
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A shocking genetic match exposes a family's darkest secret in this gripping thriller from the creator of the #1 hit Netflix series Stay Close.

After months away, Wilde has returned to the Ramapo Mountains in the wake of a failed bid at domesticity that confirms what he's known all along: He belongs on his own, free from the comforts and constraints of modern life.

Suddenly, a DNA match on an online ancestry database brings Wilde closer to his past than he's ever dreamed, and finally gives Wilde the opening he needs to track down his father. But meeting the man brings up more questions than answers. So Wilde reaches out to his last, most desperate lead, a second cousin who disappears as quickly as he resurfaces, having experienced an epic fall from grace that can only be described as a waking nightmare.

Was his cousin's downfall a long time coming? Or was he the victim of a conspiracy as cunning as it is complex? And how does it all connect to the man once known as The Stranger, a treacherous fugitive with a growing following whose mission and methods have only turned more dangerous with time?

Named a Best Book by USA Today • Wall Street Journal • Publishers Weekly


  • He gets me every time

    Издатель Jethrooutlaw
    Harlen always has a point in the book when you have to look away and say “that SOB did it again” he always has a plot twist that surpasses your intelligence
  • The Match

    Издатель NoBrainerToMe
    Solid read. A little disjointed to me. Can’t believe Hester said’articulate.’ Wilde seemed to have all the money he needed but was not clear where it came from. Some good twists and turns.
  • Great read!

    Издатель JBNKKI26
    Thoroughly enjoyed the multitude of characters, the twists and turns, and journey taken in The Match. Captivating enough to keep me peeled for three days! Can’t wait till the next release!
  • Did Harlan just get better?

    Издатель Palmetto Jeff
    Yes, I think he did!
  • Bummed

    Издатель zoogie
    Rabbit fan….read all his books and this is by far is worst work ever
  • Disappointing

    Издатель Donbob48
    I have been a fan in the past, predominantly because of the Myron Bolitar series. This plot however was ridiculously convoluted and far fetched. Sorry I wasted time with this one.
  • Terrible!

    Издатель bu stu
    Desperately tried to get through it, but simply couldn’t do it—absolutely terrible. Story is stupid, none of the characters are interesting or relatable. I should have spent the money on a pet rock…
  • Find a new editor and kill the book

    Издатель Dan Vermilion
    The book is very complicated and difficult to follow. I was inclined to end it and start another. At the end, the author tries to tie everything together, but it is hopeless. The editor must be very smart if he can follow the story.
  • Ok book

    Издатель stgoldb99
    Fast read. Not great
  • The Match

    Издатель WJRJRWJR
    Excellent read